VoIP PBX System. Easily.

The Business Phone System in the private, public or hybrid cloud.

Our self-hosted PuraPBX solution core uses Asterisk, the world's most popular IP PBX, gives users the tools to build their phone system tailored to their need. 

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Key features


Our PBX solution comes with zero restrictions on integrated features, such as the number of extensions, users, queues and IVRs you wish to create.


FreePBX is tested and maintained by Sangoma’s Quality Assurance and development teams.


Our solution is compatible with the majority of the commercially available virtual machines and hardware.


The FreePBX GUI makes it easy to utilize features, such as extension creation, IVR rules, restore & backup, system updates, and more.


Based on open standards, FreePBX is compatible with most commercially available hardware and endpoints.

Language Support

As the most well-known open source IP PBX in the world, FreePBX enables users to choose local language support for each endpoint device.

Why self hosting?

You need 100% certainty

Sending around data by email or using public SaaS file sharing solutions does not provide much security for sensitive data. Encryption is complicated and cumbersome to use, reducing the real benefits due to employees working around them or making mistakes.

Keeping data on your own infrastructure or at a trusted local private or public cloud provider means you stay in control. Only then can you show your customers exactly where their sensitive documents are. Regulators can be certain that non-compliance with proper process is minimized.

SaaS is a risky solution

Most consumer-grade cloud PBX solutions were not designed with privacy regulations and security concerns in mind, mixing data from consumers and businesses, spread out in data centers across the globe. Enterprise IT workloads may be processed by Cloud Providers liable to the US CLOUD Act, meaning your business data can be leaked on orders of the US judicial system, often without disclosure to you.

Rather than trying to work around their limitations, our solution provides a security-first solution which puts you in complete control over the location and access policies of data with a private cloud solution as well as a managed public cloud solution offered by local and trusted providers.


All the Built-in Features

Business Features

  • Calling Queues 

  • Conference bridge

  • Ring groups

  • Wake up calls

  • Announcements

  • Calendar with third-party integration 

  • Unlimited extensions

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Secure communications

  • Voicemail blasting

  • Video calling support

  • Follow me / find me calling

  • Text to speech

  • Fax-to-email

Calling Features

  • Voicemail 

  • Call transfer

  • Call waiting

  • Call screening

  • Caller blacklisting

  • Do not disturb 

  • Call forwarding

  • Call recording

  • Call event logging

  • Call detail records / call history

  • Voicemail to email

  • Three-way calling support

  • Speed dials caller ID support

Telephony Support

  • Open Standards support for multiple protocols

  • Softphone support

  • WebRTC

  • Mobile phone /desktop support

  • Specialty device support (strobe alerts, voice gateways, failover devices, paging gateways, overhead paging, door phones)


  • PRI, ISDN, POTS /Analog, T1, EI, R2, J1

  • 21-day free trial of SIP trunking phone service