Modular Business Management Software

Deploy as you grow.

To explore the full extent of capabilities of our BMS solution, we can provide you with a hosted trial. This will allow  you to get a real feeling of what it can do for your organization. 

Demo BMS logins are available by schedule or by invitation only.
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Pura BMS

With the deployment of PuraConsulting's Business Management System (BMS) software, businesses can multiply their clientele as well as serve existing clients with advanced capabilities delivering a real-time, 360-degree view of the customers. PuraSuite Business Management System offers a seamless flow of information from lead all the way through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support.

Additionally, it provides conventional ERP/CRM capabilities including SFA, customer service management and marketing automation. Also, quotes, order management, commissions, sales forecasting, and integrated e-commerce capabilities help improve customer relationships efficiently.

PuraSuite CRM

Sales Force Automation

Enterprises can revamp Sales Performance with Integrated Sales Automation Software. This software empowers the sales organization with integrated sales processes and gives the sales team unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship. These include support cases and back-office information such as contracts and inventory. With real-time dashboards, sales business personnel can gain.

Sale Automation


Whoesale Distribution

Whoesale Distribution

Software & Technology

Software & Technology

E-Commerce & Retailers

E-Commerce & Retailers

Nonprofits & Social Ventures

Nonprofits & Social Ventures

Transport And Logistics

Transport And Logistics







Compliant by design

HIPAA, GDPR and more

Our solutions are designed with compliance in mind, providing extensive data policy enforcement, encryption, user management and auditing capabilities.


Our solution provides the highest security for protected health information.


We provide unique solutions for research and institutions.


Our solutions offer the ultimate control to protect digital sovereignty in Government.

Global scale

Our solutions can be scaled to hundreds of millions of users at commodity cost.

Financial Services 

Our solution delivers confidentiality, security and compliance.

Lawyers & Notaries

We assure your clients that their documents stay 100% confidential.

Construction & Manufacturing

Our solution has the easy, efficient UI engineers need to deliver on time.

Media & Advertising

Our solution provides easy and efficient collaboration on large files.

Rich collection of Software

Customize As you need

We provide rich collection of software to simplify business process, as well as, providing customized user experience to meet the unique requirements of any business. Virtually every feature in our solution can be customized to fit your business requirements.

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Secure Access

Integrated protection

Protect, control and monitor data and communication in your company. We provide comprehensive integrated solutions to better enhance your daily internal processes.

What Is Cloud

Easy to Use

Our software provides an innovative way of integrating business functionality using simple and powerful user interface.

Under Your Control

Host your system in on-premise or host it in the cloud, your choice. All your data and communication in your company are protected and under your total control.

Enhanced Productivity

Make data available on any platform to your teams. Let them share, collaborate and communicate within and across organizational boundaries.

Unlimited Expandability

Our rich collection of business software can be optimized according to your unique requirements. As you grow, you can add software features or upgrade systems at any time.