Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud. You choose!


Our on-premise virtual servers offer flexibility, reliability, and web based management for small and medium businesses.


Hopefully, your business is going to grow, and that means more employee and more traffic to your website. Our on-premise virtual server solution can grow with your business by simply increasing the resources available to it — known as vertical scaling. It’s also very easy to spin up additional servers to create a cluster of virtual servers. For example, you could replicate your virtual servers and put them behind a load balancer — this is horizontal scaling.


If you have a dedicated server and something goes wrong with the hardware, then your site goes down. Because our virtual servers are so much more flexible, you can have redundant servers waiting to activate in case of a problem. Moreover, you can completely back-up a virtual server and have a replica up and running in seconds. High availability virtual servers are supported so that there is no single point of failure. Using fail-over systems, proactive monitoring, and recovery, it’s possible to achieve levels of reliability that would be vastly more expensive with dedicated servers.

Under Your Control

It is no longer just a matter of doing things a little more cheaply, or a little less painfully, by doing them in the cloud or in-house dedicated servers. It’s bigger than that. Today, running your business on on-premise virtual servers give you more control over your data. The virtual servers can be created, destroyed, replicated, and resized as needed. Indeed, the notion of owning your own virtual server as oppose to multiple dedicated or hosted servers is made a practical choice for SME's.


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Great Support

With our 10+ Years in hosting & data-center experience, you're in safe hands. Our support team is here for you around the clock, dedicated to serving you.

No Downtime, Ever.

Having our on-premise virtual server solution means your server is always available, and always backed-up 24/7/365 with no manual intervention needed!

Fastest Network

Our solution gives you the best routing and network performance possible. We offer advanced, dedicated or virtualized router powered by pfSense Firewall Appliances.